#vanlife day 19

I’ll take your Cairngorm and raise you a Ben Nevis …

I’m fast running out of superlatives to describe the landscape that continues to unfold on our journey. Yesterday we travelled from Aviemore to Duror, a wee town south of Fort William.

Is awesome an understatement?

Many of you who know me will be familiar with my favourite word: AWESOME! I’ve realised now, after many years, that I have been overusing the word. AWE should do it though to describe this scenery … I’m struck by the awe and wonder of the landscape, the majesty of the rolling hills and the picture perfect panorama (Look at that!!! Alliteration!!! my English teacher would probably have an orgasm at that one – considering I failed English at o-level equivalent, he would be proud, there’s hope for us all yet!!!)

How shall I compare thee …

Having just come from the Cairngorms it does seem a little unfair to compare* one landscape with another. But the human response that I had as we drove into Fort-Willian yesterday afternoon was that of wonder and awesomeness. I posted to not take any photos there and then (well only a few) because I realised it was better to “just be with” rather than viewing the world from behind my ipad or iPhone.

*As a consciousness-raiser, I always ask people to be aware of the comparisons they make. These are thinking traps that prevent our conscious evolution. Comparisons are just one form of thinking traps that I call S&Ms … that’s Shouldn’t and Musn’t people. Get that imagination of yours back in order 🙂

A teaser for now, for Pam and Sietske

For those hillwalking aficionados out there this is Beinn a’Bheithir (Mountain of the Thunderbolt – how AWESOME is that???)

So sorry to our friend Sietske who loves the photos in my blog and my mother-in-law Pam who I am happy to make laugh once in a while; we’ll get more photos and words to you during the week – but here is a photo that we will wake up to every morning for the next 12days… the mountain of the thunderbolt.

And for all the rest of you who have been so kind in your praise of my blog – I thank you. Trust me there is so much more to write … I’m a bit like the midgy on a highlands campsite … I don’t know where to bite first!!!! Maybe you can help me choose from the choice of subjects I could write about… I may have turned my back on the agile movement, but I’m still an Agile thinker and doer at heart, so customer feedback is important to me!

So what do you choose … your vote matters – let me know by voting 1-5 in the comments below.

  1. Catherine’s driving on highland roads and why Tommy and I need a beer at the destination (she is awesome by the way – its really about me needing to be in control)
  2. Why I said I’d never do camping again (big therapy story in there)
  3. Tommy and his love of Rabbits (Tommy porn and how it can impact our workday)
  4. The psychology of campsite owners who clearly suffer from OCD (COVID really hasn’t helped)
  5. Best whiskys on the road so far (there haven’t been many but, spoiler alert, I do suspect a Tobermory coming soon!!!!)

Until next time peace and love to you all from the Scottish Highlands…

About me …

I am a digital nomad who specialises in organisational change and personal conscious evolution. I share my experiences on the road authentically as a way of journaling and hopefully providing some small inspiration to others out there looking to escape the hamster wheel.

13 thoughts on “#vanlife day 19”

  1. 3,2,4,5,1. Seriously though, please do not put yourself under pressure, as you said – while you’re looking through a camera or iPad you’re not “in the moment” and miss stuff. We just need distraction down here to take us away from our “lovely” scenery😫 and exciting lives!! Xx Although I would appreciate a photo from the top of Ben Nevis 🤣😉xx

  2. Looks like you are all having a brilliant adventure😊If the van ever finds its way to North Devon…the landscape may not inspire awe but it is very pretty and there are cream teas.

    • Hey Karen – how lovely to hear from you – was only just the otehr day I was thinking of you and Andrew. I have never refused a cream tea … see you October?

  3. #2 + # 4 please ( could be linked) had a shot at caravanning with a three month old baby on a pukka site…. Once was enough!!! Look fwd to the therapy!!!!🙃

  4. 4,1,3,2,5 🙂

    Take photos where you can without spoiling the moment. Be great to look back on one day…and for us followers to see the majesty of Scotland

    • Will do Paul! I took so many today I will be hard to choose which ones to post. Maybe have to be another book one day 😉

  5. As you might imagine, #5 is of particular interest. You could probably work updates on that in to every other blog without necessarily having to dedicate one to the subject. Maybe pairing an appropriate dram with types of scenery or a situation!

    On #4 it would be good to hear how agile coaching has worked on this peculiar species. Assuming you’ve been courageous enough to offer it.:)

    • I love it John, I’ll definitely look to intertwine the whisky concept into future blogs. As for #4 … I should coco hahaha!!!!


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