#vanlife day 22

So I decided to rather than wax lyrical about Glencoe, I’d share my photos instead. You’ll understand why …

About me …

I am a digital nomad who specialises in organisational change and personal conscious evolution. I share my experiences on the road authentically as a way of journaling and hopefully providing some small inspiration to others out there looking to escape the hamster wheel.

2 thoughts on “#vanlife day 22”

  1. Wonderful Mark, the views are stunning and absolutely enchanting!!! And so what’s the recommended whisky pairing for this lot?😀🥃

    • tough one John … well its got to be a highland one surely. today I dsicovered glenturret, not by taste but by exploration … will have a go at one in the near future. incidentally if you are looking for something to buy for my birthday the 1965 Glenturret (year of my birth) is a mere £1500!!! You’re welcome …


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