#vanlife day 28

3 stress-inducing games you can play with your loved ones while on the road

So I thought this might be an interesting post for those of you whom I hear would love to do what we are doing. We hear whimsical thinking such as “ahhhhh that sounds so relaxing” or “oooh that sounds like fun” and “isn’t that just idyllic …” and so on. Well yes depending on your definition of relaxing, fun and idyllic! This chapter is for you so that you can hear the reality of life on the road and with hopefully a playful twist.

Along the journey we have discovered some very interesting “games” that we play on a daily basis that are maybe less fun, relaxing and idyllic! As trainers and consciousness raisers, we are great believers in the fact that words don’t teach – experience does. So as part of any preparation for vanlife, we would heartily encourage you to test your ability and staying power for life on the road by engaging in these small experiments….

Game #1

The first game is my favourite because it involves a twist on the age-old children’s game of hide and seek. I call it …

Where the f*** is my ———

How this game works is you put down something you need, such as your glasses, then the other person decides (when you are not looking) to put them in a “better place” for you. Now this game isn’t any fun unless the other person really does think the new place IS better, AND they don’t tell you about the newfound place! What makes this game even more engaging is that you can tell the other person that you didn’t touch their item! You can also suggest that they are suffering from false memory syndrome or paranoia!

Now if you are living in a fairly sizeable accommodation right now and you are thinking “well Mark it should be easy in such a small confined space to place your hands exactly on any item”. Well, I can tell you this is not so, especially when you can also be playing a few of these games at once (see game #2 “Kerplunk” and game #3 “head banger”)!

look carefully – because I did – there under the blue water container …

Also, there are many nooks and crannies in Fionnula (our van) where things can be “stored” (read “hidden”)! For instance, it was by sheer coincidence that while writing this piece Catherine had “misplaced” her reading glasses. By some other-worldly miracle just yesterday they turned up – stuck between the rear bumper and the body of the van (See photo). I kid you not, I didn’t place them here for writers effect. It’s a miracle as I say that they didn’t fall out onto the road somewhere between Aviemore and Fort William! Boy did we laugh at that one.

there you go … a close up! See… it wasn’t me!!!!

Now for the pay-off

Now, these games can become emotionally intense, especially in such a confined space even if you are living with the embodiment of peace, calm, love and light that is Catherine! So the inevitable emotional release through laughter is of welcome relief. Here is where I encourage you as the reader to stay true to the experiment and when you do eventually find the item, you then have to laugh at yourselves…and how funny life can be!

Coming soon …

So coming up in the next part of this evolving story of these intrepid explorers you will learn how to play other games such as “guess that noise” and “move your tent and all its internals in temperatures hotter than the Kalahari” all in order to preserve the lovely green grass of Scotland…

About me …

I am a digital nomad who specialises in organisational change and personal conscious evolution. I share my experiences on the road authentically as a way of journaling and hopefully providing some small inspiration to others out there looking to escape the hamster wheel.

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    • boom boom . I’ll get on those in the next few days … looks like ti will become a book as you suggested Jim!

    • I aim to please Paul. Was it my link that took you a while to find it? Anyways hope the new role is going well.

    • Thanks for sharing Tony.
      Certain aspects resonate but much of it doesn’t to be honest. I feel for Charlotte and others like her who have been forced into this lifestyle. For Catherine and I we have chosen it, so it makes a big difference there for us, especially around mental well-being. We also feel that this is a short term, transitional state for us but yet for many it isn’t, for one reason or another, which is sad for sure.
      I do resonate however around the sense of freedom that we experience, but we are moving from campsite to campsite so we do in effect pay rent to campsite owners. I do resonate with the outdated social ideals that we are all supposed to conform to. This is why I suppose I never did fit very well into corporate life. But again this presents me with choices that I make, if something doesn’t suit me I move on. But certainly a most thought provoking article and again thanks for sharing. I hope all is well in JES – we will come back one day and pitch in the carpark – especially at no 4 😉


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