an apology for my tardiness

… it’s been a while

So just to bring you all up to date with events over the last week or so because I am mindful that I haven’t posted in a while … maybe the post from day 39 will give you a clue why!

So events of note are as follows:

Fionnuala has sprung more leaks than a Welsh farmer in Spring – that’s kept me busy for a while …

The name is Bond … Bond this bloody Skylight once and for all

We managed to release some minor (but important) updates to Catherine’s book. Went live with those on Friday.

“my work is done …”

Visited Loch Lomand and a whisky shop … no luck at the whisky shop – no cask strength whiskies on offer!

Loch Lomond … white caps if you fancied a dip!!!

My birthday … decided to go to the William Wallace memorial where I had an emotional incident which I will share with you in the coming days when I have mentally and emotionally processed it. Had a lovely lunch in Callendar to celebrate. Visited Bracklinn falls … awesome video … see attached hopefully

Went to Lake of Menteith, Scotlands only Lake only for our peace to be invaded by some twenty-somethings and some other tourists who wanted our parking space!

Tell me when you’re done Daddy!

Sleep continues to be an issue as more Glaswegian turn up onsite to talk loudly and drink until 2255pm – five minutes before official “closing time”

The passenger door latch gets jammed meaning we cant open the passenger door

Vanlife isnt so easy!

I wish you all a good night.

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