Day 63 of #vanlife

Another crisis averted …

That’s my arm by the way … not Catherine’s delicate ladylike leg 😉

So we were talking with a camping neighbour about gas bottles and suchlike when Catherine felt a tickling sensation on her right leg, beneath her thin trousers. Forever the polite one, she continued on with the conversation as she thought the tingling was just a rogue ant. “Brews up” I called out and Caths comes in. She sits down to review my grammar on the previous post and freezes as she calls out there’s something crawling up my leg. Quick as a flash she pulls down her trousers* and screams when she sees this little fellow working his way northwards.

Incidentally, it took me at least 10 takes to get a photo of the beast until Catherine finally screamed get it off me!!!! Ha ha ha … only kidding. I love beetles and played with this one for a while before letting it off into the grass. Gotta love nature!

*(no time for me to think my luck was in … its clear that if I’m going to get lucky on this trip it will be with bricks and mortar, air-conditioning and a deep bath – preferably with soap bubbles, hot water and a glass of bubbly on the side. Noted!)

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