Day 64 of #vanlife – Part 2

Ahoy Portsoy

In the previous post I told you about our very short time in Banff, but things turned a corner for us as we went on our merry way to Portsoy. So with groceries stored away to avoid losing penalty points on the mobile game of kerplunk (I’m currently losing that game due to my preference for lack of detail), we decide we’d like to try out the Portsoy ice cream mentioned on trip advisor. Here is their instagram account if you happen to be in the area – it’s well worth the visit as I shall describe below!

First, we went to Loch of Soy (also recommended by Trip Advisor – thank you trip). Thanks to Fi’s small size, we managed to get a parking spot in the free car park by the Loch (Soy happy Bucko there!!!). What a beautiful little spot, with benches for you to sit and eat your ice cream on, on this very rare sunny summer’s sojourn! After a few minutes of taking in this relaxing spot, Tommy decided it was time to move on … he was right! Catherine had ice cream on her mind!

Here is where I must make a humble apology in order to avoid any impending disappointment. I managed to leave my iphone and ipad in the van, so no pictorial evidence is presented here as to the awesomeness of the ice cream that I ordered – which was – a bubble-waffle cone filled with hot Nutella sauce and Belgian chocolate cherry ice cream; topped with peanut butter and honeycomb. OMJesus!!!

Time to step up Bucko!

It’s a rare time in my life when I struggle to finish eating something. This was one of them! Like the true support to me that Catherine is, she didn’t want to deprive me of my chocolate induced coma which would hit me an hour later on the trip home, and coached me on to the end… “Come on Sparky … you can do it!” she said as she rubbed my back, like Mickey rubbed Rocky Balboa’s back after a few rounds with Apollo Creed! “I can’t! I can’t … its just pure Nutella at the bottom!” “A real man could do it!”* With one final push and a very long and loud burp, I did it! I would have done the Rocky running up the steps things except for two details 1) There were no steps to run up 2) I couldn’t move for 10 minutes! Little wonder – I had probably eaten 6000 calories in one sitting!

*OK she didn’t say that, as she is way too respectful and loving! But I felt it and could see it in her eyes! I also “heard” my mother telling me about the babies dying in Africa of hunger and that I shouldn’t waste food. This is definitely what could be termed a first-world problem.

Incidentally, Catherine had

Now many of you like fullness and completion in your tales and want to know what Catherine had. She ordered (no joke here) 3 SMALL scoops of gluten-free ice cream in a tub. Belgian Cherry Chocolate, vanilla and Mint-Choc. When she ordered the small scoop* which isn’t on the menu, the server said something to her which she didn’t understand! I was at this time outside with Tommy starting on my duel with dairy, gluten and chocolate, so Catherine was without her version of Google Translate.

*I mean who orders small when most people, like me, are praying that the server likes you and manages to give you an extra-large scoop!!!

“Sorry?” she says. The young fella repeats his incredulous response to Catherine, who must have been the only person in the shop’s history to order small scoops. “Och swish niff nuf muck up tae braft win ho Scoop” was what she thought she heard. So no point in asking him again to repeat otherwise he might of thought “typical sassanach* tourist” and would have just repeated it, but louder! Which he did!

*sassanach. A term of endearment used by Gaelic folk to show love and acceptance for the English tribes who had conquered them down through the centuries. If you hear a Scots-person (or Irish-person, because the word is the same in both languages as I found out in my teen years in Cork. “He’s the new sassanch langer**” was how I was introduced to my peers. Fortunately not by the Presentation Brothers who ran the school, but most definitely under the breath of most of the other school teachers. Sassanach is actually Gaelic for lowlander although many think it means saxon.

**Langer, OK not such an endearing term but an insult using the Cork slang for dick!

Portsoy is actually famous …

… to Peaky Blinders fans. But I didn’t know that until today when doing some research. On walking around the town, there were little hints and a few things that indicated a connection to the great show. (I like millions of others watched the finale back in April this year, just before my TV license ran out and we sold the TV to contribute toward this trip). I did a double take when I saw a mini gravestone marked “Michael Gray. RIP. April 3 2022” because we have a dear friend (who Catherine calls her second brother) who is also called Michael Gray!! I was going to take a photo of it for a laugh and send it to him, but we both thought it might be in bad taste. It was only when I saw another stone next to it with Peaky Blinders RIP that I got the reference! Doh!

Turns out that the finale was filmed in part here, including the pub, pictured, playing a central role in the plot. As I say, epic fails on my part and another good reason to say to Catherine…

The bar where Peaky Blinders was filmed in Portsoy. It looked a bit different on the episode.

Can we have a do-over? Can we huh? Can we huh?

In the do-over, I will take a selfie of a repeat ice cream (along with my chocolate-stained lips, cheeks and fingers! And I’d order a whisky in the same bar as Tommy Shelby (although he didn’t order a whisky – all you PB fans out there what did he order?)…

Anyways that’s all for now about this trip, other than to say Caths popped into the co-op before we left Portsoy, for a mini Prosecco to accompany the evening’s munchies. The vibe in the Portsoy co-op is much better than in the Banff Tesco! We also bought a lottery ticket – which we haven’t checked yet. Who knows, if I win, I may buy the Shore Inn and rent out the back room for Peaky Blinders-Esque business meetings. How cool would that be?

Anyways, we love Portsoy and would love to come back here are a few photos of the town and its attractions.

2 thoughts on “Day 64 of #vanlife – Part 2”

  1. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with Coeliacs disease over 20 years ago now and as a child Ice Cream was our go to dessert for her. Obviously cookies and cream and other strange inventions were off limits to her. However normal flavours were not. We discoverd this brilliant gelateria close by in Richmond Upon Thames were we could buy Ice Cream cakes. They were fantastic.

    Catching up on your blog tonight.

    • I’ll note that for when we are next in Richmond Trevor. Yes about 20 years ago was when Catherine was diagnosed with Coeliac disease also. When we met I had come of wheat and other glutenous substances and as a result, I developed an intolerance for wheat. It seems to have got better of late and that’s probably because I have been less strict with my diet – especially while on the road. Thanks for your support and I continue to look forward to sharing more of our journey shortly. Today shoul dbe good as I am visiting the Blair Atholl distillery which is a five minute walk (staggering distance) from the campsite.


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