Day 47 of Vanlife

Update since last night … So we made it through the night. In many ways, I’m asking what all the fuss was about. Yeah there are a few puddles on the campsite and our tent is still intact. The river fortunately hasn’t burst it’s banks. (One considered reader said you should never trust the banks!!!! … Read more

Day 46 of #vanlife

Imagine the scene … It’s a Friday afternoon; the sun is shining; the inside of the tent is an unbearable 40degrees; Catherine and I have made a visit to the local coop and have stocked up on alcoholic beverages for our evening’s imbibement. Remember it is Friday and we are expecting the hordes to arrive … Read more

#vanlife day 39

Does anyone believe in the law of attraction? We do. A funny thing happened today that we don’t believe is a coincidence. I started writing an extended blog post on the subject of noise. All the wonderful different types of noise that show up on the campsite … I’ll save that post for another day … Read more

#vanlife day 33

Change over day – Travel to the Trossachs So today is “move site day” or change over day as Catherine calls it. This involves a bit of prep work before the journey to our next destination. Fortunately, we learned from the last experience that it’s better to pack up at least the contents of our … Read more

#vanlife day 30

The Weather … do the Scots get nectar points for living here? So one thing that is particularly worthy of mention is the weather here in the highlands of Scotland. I used to live in Glasgow and I never remember there being so much rain as we have been experiencing here. The locals tell us … Read more

#vanlife day 28

3 stress-inducing games you can play with your loved ones while on the road So I thought this might be an interesting post for those of you whom I hear would love to do what we are doing. We hear whimsical thinking such as “ahhhhh that sounds so relaxing” or “oooh that sounds like fun” … Read more

#vanlife day 22

So I decided to rather than wax lyrical about Glencoe, I’d share my photos instead. You’ll understand why … About me … I am a digital nomad who specialises in organisational change and personal conscious evolution. I share my experiences on the road authentically as a way of journaling and hopefully providing some small inspiration … Read more

#vanlife day 21

A visit to Oban So this is officially Catherine’s last day of her 2-week holiday so we decided to take a trip to Oban. We had heard and read much about Oban and thought that it might be a nice departure from the campsite for a day. First some Doggy Porn!* There are some ulterior … Read more