Day 86 of #vanlife

LIVE FROM PEEBLES The Saga continues … You couldn’t make this stuff up! So this morning we packed up after two reasonably quiet nights here at Biggar. Catherine has been doing a little bit of research as she plots our journey home and has discovered a lovely little artisan chocolate shop in Peebles. This will … Read more

Day 78 of #vanlife

Facilities Right OK, it’s time to talk about facilities at the various campsites where we have stayed. What has prompted this topic? Well, we have just landed here in Lanark at a place called Rigside. The site is on a working farm called Colliershill Farm. The facilities here are shall we say … basic! OK … Read more

Day 77 of #vanlife

Pitlochry and a visit to a distillery So today I was rather excited to engage in another first … a visit to a distillery. I have to admit I was rather crestfallen (what a lovely word don’t you think?) to discover that my favorite whisky – Aberlour – didn’t have any tours available at the … Read more

Day 75 of #vanlife

Leaving the place where everyone knows our name So today was pack-up day … but with a difference. We had an 8am appointment at a garage in Cuminestown to get our windscreen wipers fixed and for a change, it is a nice story to report, although it didn’t start out that way! So as I … Read more

Day 72 of #vanlife

Repairs … how to fix broken campers So if you thought life on the road was a carefree, jolly adventure when every day brings a sense of awe and wonder, then I need to tell you that you are much mistaken! As I have described in other posts, there are numerous things that I have … Read more

Day 68 of #vanlife

The County Show This journey has been a trip of many firsts for me and a trip to the New Deer county show was yet another first. But before I talk about what was surprisingly a really enjoyable day out I want to talk first about … a city boy’s perspective on the countryside. Many … Read more

Day 64 of #vanlife – Part 2

Ahoy Portsoy In the previous post I told you about our very short time in Banff, but things turned a corner for us as we went on our merry way to Portsoy. So with groceries stored away to avoid losing penalty points on the mobile game of kerplunk (I’m currently losing that game due to … Read more

Day 64 of #vanlife – Part 1

Another day out … Hallelujah the sun was shining! I was quite beside myself. It felt like when I was a teen living in Cork City in Ireland* The sense of excitement about getting out of the house and a chance to go to the beaches in Cobh (pronounced Cove) or Yoghal (pronounced Y-all) or … Read more

Day 63 of #vanlife

Another crisis averted … So we were talking with a camping neighbour about gas bottles and suchlike when Catherine felt a tickling sensation on her right leg, beneath her thin trousers. Forever the polite one, she continued on with the conversation as she thought the tingling was just a rogue ant. “Brews up” I called … Read more