Day 61 of #vanlife

A Day-Trip to Buchan So today we went out! That’s a big deal of late bearing in mind the weather that we have been having. It seems that there is an east-west divide here in Scotland. On the west coast, wetness rules whereas on the east, the wind rules. So having escaped from Stirlingshire, strategically … Read more

Day 53 of #vanlife

A Visit to Dunblane and Andy Murray’s Golden Post Box So today was move day and we are quite enjoying having done all the hard work during the week. However, we were optimistic in thinking we could leave the site by 9am (Bucko’s optimistic estimate as ever); when we actually left was 1030. (Catherine told … Read more

Day 52 of #vanlife

We are ready to move now So today is our last full day here in Stirlingshire. We have used our time here mostly for rest and recuperation. This was not the plan as such but it happened due to all the rain we have had. So fortunately, the other day we decamped. This turned out … Read more

Day 50 #vanlife

Seriously? This feels like a significant milestone. Catherine’s jaw hits the floor when I tell her that’s what day it is….”Really? “… “Five zero?”. “Well, I didn’t say one five” I retort! But yes 50 days … in a tent – van… Today Catherine had a moment. After catching up on some much-needed sleep and … Read more

Day 47 of Vanlife

Update since last night … So we made it through the night. In many ways, I’m asking what all the fuss was about. Yeah there are a few puddles on the campsite and our tent is still intact. The river fortunately hasn’t burst it’s banks. (One considered reader said you should never trust the banks!!!! … Read more

Day 46 of #vanlife

Imagine the scene … It’s a Friday afternoon; the sun is shining; the inside of the tent is an unbearable 40degrees; Catherine and I have made a visit to the local coop and have stocked up on alcoholic beverages for our evening’s imbibement. Remember it is Friday and we are expecting the hordes to arrive … Read more

#vanlife day 39

Does anyone believe in the law of attraction? We do. A funny thing happened today that we don’t believe is a coincidence. I started writing an extended blog post on the subject of noise. All the wonderful different types of noise that show up on the campsite … I’ll save that post for another day … Read more

#vanlife day 33

Change over day – Travel to the Trossachs So today is “move site day” or change over day as Catherine calls it. This involves a bit of prep work before the journey to our next destination. Fortunately, we learned from the last experience that it’s better to pack up at least the contents of our … Read more

#vanlife day 30

The Weather … do the Scots get nectar points for living here? So one thing that is particularly worthy of mention is the weather here in the highlands of Scotland. I used to live in Glasgow and I never remember there being so much rain as we have been experiencing here. The locals tell us … Read more