#vanlife day 19

I’ll take your Cairngorm and raise you a Ben Nevis … I’m fast running out of superlatives to describe the landscape that continues to unfold on our journey. Yesterday we travelled from Aviemore to Duror, a wee town south of Fort William. Is awesome an understatement? Many of you who know me will be familiar … Read more

#vanlife Day 15

Today I accidentally climbed a hill! Hillwalking has never been something that has remotely interested me. My good friend Jim Ramsay does a lot of hillwalking with some rather exceptional photography. But I have never once considered it something that I would ever do, but after today I may have been converted. I decided I’d … Read more

#vanlife day 11

The mystery of the missing seal! So this installment of #vanlife is dedicated to Nige and Neil who seem to love a good van life drama, ones especially where I tend to suffer at the expense of some make-belief deities who would rather I tire endlessly making leaders look good in ongoing corporate fiascos rather … Read more

#vanlife day 10

Words fail me … for once So we took our first trip off the campsite today, we went to visit the green loch. It’s not often that I am stuck for words but it happened today. Have often heard the expression stop and smell the roses. I have literally done that many times, only to … Read more

#vanlife day 7

Brown trousers time Does anyone know the shortest verse in the bible? I do! “Jesus wept!” In Ireland we use that expression when we encounter something particularly scary … well that was last night! The wind … oh my god the wind! I thought the month of may was supposed to be the start of … Read more

#vanlife day 6

We arrive at Aviemore So we are day 6 into vanlife and yesterday I was feeling very bleak. Today I feel much better as we have arrived in God’s country: the Cairngorms, more specifically Aviemore. I have wanted to see this part of the world for the longest part of my adult life and finally, … Read more

Vanlife begins

Oh my god, what have I done? Captains Log: Day 04 So, vanlife felt like a good idea at the time, let’s move out of our 4-bedroom rented accommodation and move into a camper van. Many people said vanlife was a brave and courageous thing to do, I didn’t know why. In fact, I challenged … Read more